Bill Ryder-Jones

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“Over the years my music has lost a bit of its hope I reckon,” says Bill Ryder-Jones. “It were important for me to make a record that had more hope in it. Even by my standards the last few years have been rocky, but I’ve chosen to soundtrack it with more positive music, you know? I love this album. I haven’t been this proud of a record since A Bad Wind Blows in My Heart.”

In many ways Ryder-Jones’ latest is something of a kindred spirit to the record he made a decade ago. “There was something there that I wanted to return to,” he says. “To make a record that sounds like where I’m from. I reference quite a few songs from it – sort of easter eggs.” It’s also been an artistic peak that he’s been determined to match ever since. “I’ve always been very hard on myself for not bettering that record, really” he says. “It’s been an issue for me.”

While he may rightly hold his second album in high regard, that’s not to overlook the stream of accomplished and celebrated releases that have come before and between, from the imagined soundtrack of If… to West Kirby County Primary to Yawn – and its follow up Yawny Yawn – Ryder-Jones’ work has been met with reverence and acclaim. In a gushing 5* review of Yawn, the Guardian praised its “effortless intimacy.” Nevertheless, Ryder-Jones can’t help but think back to his 2013 album. “Bad Wind… has got that perfect mix,” he says. “It’s me, I’m young, it’s very hopeful, I’m quite positive on it. I think these records live together.”

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