About Us

Our FAQs below will tell you everything you need to know before visiting our venue. We can’t wait to welcome you through our doors.

Do I pay with cash or card?

You can pay cash or card on our bars, although we prefer contactless payment if possible.

We only take cash payments at our Box Office. If you would like a contactless payment option to book door tickets, please check DICE – if door tickets are available, you’ll be able to purchase them via their app or website.

There’s no cash point in the venue but there are loads on Upper Street.

What happens when I arrive?

When you arrive at our venue, you’ll be greeted by our staff who will be on hand to navigate the way through our entry procedures. This will include ticket scanning and a bag search.

If you’ve bought tickets via DICE, make sure you have downloaded the DICE app and have validated your tickets before you join the queue.

Will I need to queue?

You may need to queue when you arrive at the venue. We encourage you to have your tickets ready for scanning when you arrive to speed up the entry process.

How do I book tickets?

Simply go to our What's On page and click 'GET TICKETS'. Most shows on our site direct you to DICE and in a matter of minutes, you can download the DICE app to reap the benefits, including handy features, low booking fees, the chance to get a refund on sold-out shows, and a waiting list if you just miss out on tickets to see your favourite artist!

Can​ ​I​ ​use​ ​DICE​ ​without​ ​a​ ​smartphone?

You can indeed!  You will still need a mobile phone so that we check that you are a real person. Simply go to our What's On page and click 'GET TICKETS'. Enter your mobile phone number and DICE will send you a code which you then enter into the browser. Last but not least, you need to enter your payment details and the tickets are yours! On the night of the show, head to the venue with some photo ID and collect your tickets at the box office.

Is there a box office so I can book tickets in person?

Unfortunately, we do not have a box office on site. All tickets need to be purchased online in advance or if there are still tickets available you can buy them at the venue on the day of the show once we have opened. Usually this will be 7pm.

Can I still buy a ticket on the day of a show?

So long as they’re available, of course you can! With the DICE app, you can normally buy up to the time that doors open and sometimes even later! And tickets are normally sold on the door in person once doors open for shows that haven't yet sold out. Mentally prepare if you do leave it until then as they are often a few pounds more expensive than the original price.

If an event is sold out, can I get a ticket?

Well, just maybe as the DICE app lets you join a Waiting List for most sold-out shows. More info about how it works is in the DICE app and on the support pages on the DICE website. We know it’s frustrating when you miss out on tickets, but don’t be tempted to use a secondary ticket seller – only use an official ticket seller as nine times out of ten, you will be disappointed. Sign up to our mailer by clicking on the envelope icon in the top right corner of this page and follow us on Twitter and Facebook to get the latest announcements.

If I buy a ticket from someone outside, can I get in?

Maybe, maybe not. We cannot guarantee either way; touted tickets don’t help fans, artists or venues – and there’s a chance it might be invalid which would mean we couldn’t let you in. So sticking to the DICE app or other reputable sellers is best for everyone.

I’ve bought my ticket on a ‘secondary site’, will I get in?

Again, it’s hard to say. If it’s not from a legitimate source, it could still be cancelled on the day of the show. We recommend sticking to the official outlets so there’s no disappointment on the night.

What are booking fees and charges and why is there a cost for an e-ticket?

The different ticket agents will have different fees and costs labelled as 'transaction' or 'booking' fees - these are to cover the cost of fulfilling your order. Check the agent's FAQs if you need more info.

What is a Venue Levy and why is it charged?

All tickets to shows at Islington Assembly Hall are subject to a Venue Levy of £1 + VAT. As a Grade II listed building, this Levy will be reinvested into Islington Assembly Hall and its services, meaning the customer experience can continue to be enhanced.

If my ticket is seated, can I go in the standing area?

All tickets are allocated according to space, so depending on what you bought, you’ll have to stick to your assigned area. Get in touch with us if you’ve got any queries when you book.

Can I return or get a refund on my ticket?

Indeed you can if a show is sold out and has a waiting list option, but only if you've bought via the DICE app. You simply return your ticket to the Waiting List with a few taps and tickets are passed seamlessly to other fans. More info about how it works is in the DICE app and on the support pages on the DICE website. If the show hasn't sold out or if you bought your ticket from another ticket agent, you will only be able to get a refund if the show gets cancelled or rescheduled.

Someone else bought my tickets for me to collect, what do I need to do?

For most shows, just come to the ticket office on the night with a letter of authorisation from whoever booked the tickets – the letter needs to show your name, the booking reference number and the last four digits on the card used to buy the tickets.

However, if the ticketing company you bought from issues a different set of instructions on this, it will override our standard policy.

I haven’t received my tickets, what do I do?

Tickets usually get sent out no less than three days before the event, but if you’re concerned your tickets getting lost in the post or not getting emailed out to you, just get in touch with your ticket agent. Make sure you have all your booking details to hand and don’t forget to check your spam folder as well.

With the DICE app, you don't have the worry about receiving tickets or trying to find that elusive email confirmation somewhere in your email folders, as they're stored in your app which is locked to you!

Where do I collect my tickets from?

DICE tickets are stored inside the DICE app. Whether you bought the ticket on your phone or the desktop, just open the app and tap on the 'Tickets' icon (bottom of the screen, second from the left) and you'll be taken to the space where all your tickets live. If you don't have a smart phone, make sure you've received an email confirmation from DICE and bring this, along with photo ID, to show at the box office on the night. If you’ve bought your ticket from another agent and have chosen ‘box office collection’, your tickets will be available at our ticket office once doors have opened on the day of the show.

What do I need to bring to collect my tickets at the venue?

If you bought your tickets from DICE and you have a smart phone, download the app and you just need to bring along your smartphone on the night.

If you bought from DICE but don't have a smart phone, bring your email confirmation from DICE, along with photo ID, to show at the box office on the night.

If you've bought from another ticket agent, check their policy but generally, you need to bring along a copy of the booking confirmation, ID and the debit or credit card you used to buy them.

Someone else booked my tickets online; can I use them?

With the DICE app, you can send tickets for most shows direct to your friends in the app, using the "Send To A Friend" option. So if someone else has booked the tickets via the app, they may have this option. Each event has a transfer deadline, though, so we recommend they do this pretty swiftly.

If someone else booked your tickets from another ticket agent, you will need to check with the ticket agent. For some events sold by other tickets, the person who bought the ticket might need to prove with photo ID that they are the person named on the actual ticket.

What if I’ve lost or damaged my ticket or they’ve been stolen?

Get in touch with the ticket agent you booked with straight away – they can usually arrange replacements. Sadly, there’s not much the venue can do, though, other than recommend you download the DICE app to help avoid disappointment for future purchases!

Can I show my e-ticket on my phone if I bought it online?

If it has a barcode, then yes, as our scanners should work fine on your e-ticket.

I have a balcony / upstairs ticket, does that mean I am allocated a seat?

Normally balcony seats are unreserved so it’s a first-come, first-served affair. There is additional standing room at the back but if you want to guarantee yourself a seat, please get here early.

What are your seat dimensions?

Please note all measurements are in millimetres.

There are 203 available seats in this section and 42 of these are aisle seats. They are approximately 450mm wide and 400mm deep. Arm rests are fixed and there is approximately a 201mm leg room, except in the first row where there is a leg room of approximately 204mm.

If you have any questions, please just get in touch on 020 7527 8900 or assemblyhall@islington.gov.uk.

What’s the latest time I can turn up with my ticket?

It’s best to always check the door times so you don’t miss out. We’ll do our best to post set times up on our website on the day of the show.

What does ‘stalls’ mean?

The stalls are downstairs in the auditorium. Mostly, this means standing but occasionally it can be a fully seated show. This will be clear on our website and should be clear on other ticketing sites.

I’ve got a VIP ticket; what does it get me?

We’ll have a limo waiting… ok, maybe not, but do check with the ticket agent when you book and they will provide you with details of what’s included.

Is your venue accessible?

Yes, there is level access to our main auditorium. Just visit our Accessibility page for more information. We work hard with Attitude Is Everything to continually improve access for all our customers.

How is your venue cleaned?

We have enhanced procedures for cleaning our venue before and after every show, including using disinfectant foggers where necessary. We also have anti-bacterial cleaning products available for staff to use during all events.

Is there a different age limit for each event?

Most of our events are 16+ but it’s always best to check in advance as it can vary from event to event. This information will be listed on the event page on our website or DICE.

What is Challenge 25?

If you are lucky enough to look under 25 (but are 25 or older) you may be asked for ID.

How can I prove my age/do I need ID?

We prefer a full or provisional driver’s licence or a PASS card as ID, and a valid passport is fine. Any fake IDs will be confiscated, sorry. Photocopies and photos on a phone will not be accepted.

How can I find out about door times?

The event on our website and your ticket should state a start time.

Where can I find the running time of the show/event?

We post these up on our website where possible on the day of the show. All timings are approximate and subject to change.

What happens when the show finishes?

So that everyone can leave as safely as they arrived, we ask that you pay attention to our team who will direct you to your closest exit.

Is there a cloakroom/will I get in with my bag/helmet/suitcase?

We have a cloakroom where we charge a small fee per item. Please head down to the basement to leave your items. Obviously, the earlier you get there, the less busy it will be, but as long as you hold on to your cloakroom ticket then it’s easy to get your stuff back. Don’t come with your entire worldly possessions, though, as it could take a while…

What if I lose my cloakroom ticket?

Try not to! If you do, you’ll have to wait until the end of the event to identify your things. If you do unfortunately lose something, all our lost property contact details are on our Contact Us page.

I forgot to get my stuff out of the cloakroom after the show, what do I do?

Don’t worry, it happens. Just get in touch, check our Contact Us page to find out how.

Can I bring my own food and drink?

Sorry, but no, and this includes chewing gum. Bottles of water will be poured away during bag searches. We have bars and free drinking water available. Please do not bring any food or drinks as these will be confiscated. There is a box that you can leave food and drink that can be collected at the end of the event. The venue take no responsibility for any food or drink left in the box. Any bits you think you really need to bring with you for health purposes, just get in touch to let us know in advance. We cannot allow nuts in the venue due to staff and customer allergies.

I lost something at the show - how do I get it back?

Get in touch to see if we can help. You can report lost property on our Contact Us page.

Where can I smoke / smoke an e-cigarette?

Come on, you know this one! It’s against the law to smoke inside the venue but staff will direct you to a dedicated smoking area and can advise on times it’s open from and to. Make sure you’re of legal age to do so, obviously. Unfortunately, for you vapers, e-cigarettes cannot be used in the venue.

Can I crowd surf?

‘Fraid not, sorry. Crowd-surfing, drink-throwing, illegal smoking and other such things are likely to result in us bidding you goodnight and ejecting you from the venue… and no you won’t get the cash back on your tickets, so try to enjoy yourself sensibly, ok?!

Is there a dress code?

Not usually, but if you’re wearing headgear, football colours or some kind of mad fancy dress, you may be asked to take them off and store them in the cloakroom. If there is a specific dress code for a particular show requested by the promoter or the artist, this will be stated on the 'MORE INFO' page about the gig on our website.

How can I give feedback or make a complaint before, during or after a show?

We love hearing from you so if you want to get in touch, check our Contact Us page or speak to a member of staff during the show.

Why do you remove the lids from bottled water?

It’s for yours, the bands’ and your fellow gig-goers safety, and is pretty standard across most live events now.

Will it be loud?

Quite probably, but we’re happy to give out ear plugs if you ask for them. Just find a staff member during a show.

Can I bring my camera/iPad/selfie-stick?

Non-professional cameras are fine (no large lenses) but please don’t bring iPads, GoPros or selfie-sticks because you’ll be asked to leave them in the cloakroom.

Can I leave the venue and come back again in between bands?

Afraid not, generally, we don’t do ‘pass outs’ or re-admittance if you leave the building.

Is there strobe lighting or pyrotechnics?

Most shows may use strobe lighting and smoke effects and there’s usually signage up to let you know. If this is an issue, please let a member of staff know.

Will I be able to buy merchandise at the show?

Usually, yes. If a band has some, it will be on sale on the entrance.

Can I bring my medication with me?

If you think it’s absolutely necessary for the hours you’ll be in the venue then by all means. It’s probably best to have a sealed package of your prescribed medication and make it known to security – especially if it contains sharp needles and the like. If you have any special medical-related requirements, do let us know in advance, too.

Any reason why I wouldn’t get in?

Be nice and don’t do anything stupid, basically. We reserve the right to refuse admission without a reason, so if you appear drunk or behave inappropriately in the queue, we might refuse you entry without a refund.

I'm a Tempo Time Credits volunteer, how do I redeem my credits?

Please email us at assemblyhall@islington.gov.uk or give us a call on 020 7527 8900 with your Tempo Time Credits ID number and the name of the show you would like to attend. A member of our team will happily assist you in redeeming your credits.

Can I buy a backstage pass/meet the band?

As much as we’d love to say "yes, of course, you’re all welcome backstage", sadly, backstage is for working personnel only. If you do see ‘meet and greet’ tickets on sale, check the full details before you buy them.

Where are you and what’s your address?

Our Contact Us and Getting Here sections have all our details.

How do I get there by public transport?

Always check travel before you head out, you can find out everything you know about our local transport links and the easiest way to get to us, on our Getting Here page.

Is there parking nearby?

We strongly recommend using public transport whenever possible, but for details on local parking and other travel information click our Getting Here page.

Where can I leave my bike?

If you've got a folding bicycle, and our cloakroom is open, you are welcome to leave it in there. For larger bikes, there are well-lit and CCTV-covered racks in front of our neighbour, the Town Hall.

How do I get a job on the bar or cloakroom or in the box office?

We're often recruiting so keep an eye on our Work With Us page. We pay the London Living Wage and are always after the best bar staff, cloakroom attendants and people to staff the box office to help run a great venue. Previous experience is useful, but not essential.