About Us

Islington Assembly Hall was built in 1929 and was officially first opened on 15 March 1930.

It soon became a popular venue, hosting dances and variety shows, and continued to be regularly used by local organisations, community groups and individuals for awards presentations, tea dances and weddings, up until its closure in the 1980s.

It lay dormant for almost three decades, the hall being used as extra storage for Islington Town Hall next door and the foyer housed Islington Museum before it moved to its present site under Finsbury Library. In 2009, Islington Council raised funding for its restoration with a vision that it could once again be at the heart of life in the bustling north London borough.

Many of the original features were kept – even down to the ashtrays in the tiered balcony, which, although now redundant, add to the charm of the building. The original art deco interior combines with some modern twists to help create a unique feel to any event held here.

Since reopening in March 2010, many music promoters, traders, national companies, community organisations, happy couples and council departments have made use of the flexibility this stunning space offers. Thanks to its renovation, people from all over the country and further afield have trodden the luxurious red carpet on arrival and the original sprung dance floor to experience an event here.

Once the home of tea parties and variety shows, the historic building has adapted well to life in the 21st century. Quickly becoming an important venue in the capital’s exciting live music scene, while continuing to provide to the local community.