Livestream Showreel

Following the installation of a new high definition, multi-camera broadcast system in the venue, we’re excited to be leading the continuation of streaming beyond the pandemic and now offer an all-inclusive streaming package. The installation was completed by industry leaders Siyan, and means promoters can now take advantage of an additional revenue channel whilst offering fans an accessible and environmentally-friendly option for watching a live show.

By installing three Panasonic HD PTZ cameras, as well as Black Magic mixing and encoding hardware and an upgraded high-speed internet connection, we have placed ourselves at the forefront of the streaming scene. With a wealth of experience in the team and the competitive pricing of the package, promoters are able to be hands-off during the process making it an easy and profitable option for enhancing a live show hire. For more details on our streaming package, please click here.

Streaming Showreel

Our streaming showreel below features footage of recent shows from Cosmo Sheldrake, Pop Will Eat Itself and The Cromagnon Band. Please note, the below showreels are a low resolution sample of what we can offer to give you an idea of the editing and type of livestream that can be achieved, but we have the capabilities to stream 1080HD.


Cosmo Sheldrake

Cosmo Sheldrake

Pop Will Eat Itself – Enhanced Package MP4.mp4

The Cromagnon Band Band – HH low

For full details of the streaming package, please contact the Islington Assembly Hall team:
020 7527 8900