Date 02/09/2023 Total price, inc booking fee £18.00 Time 19:00

Lex is a rapper from Thessaloniki, Greece, highly regarded as the most influential hip hop artist of his generation achieving mainstream success through his solo projects.

He debuted in 1999 with the group Voreia Asteria, becoming pioneers of rap music in North Greece. In 2014 Lex saw new heights of success releasing his long-awaited debut solo album ‘Tapeinoi Kai Peinasmenoi’. The album painted vivid pictures about urban reality combining LEX’s signature slow flow with raw lyrics attracting massive acclaim shortly after its release. His follow-up album ‘2XXX’ came out in 2018 continuing his massive success and counting numerous sold-out concerts that reached peak levels in June 2019 when Lex became the first solo hip-hop act to perform in a crowd of more than 10.000 in the country’s capital.

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