Asakaa Boys

Date 26/08/2023 Total price, inc booking fee £22.60 Time 19:00

In Ghana, there are eight young men who call themselves the Asakaa Boys, namely: City Boy, Jay Bahd, Skyface SDW,. O’Kenneth, Kwaku DMC, Braabenk, Reggie and BeezTrap KOTM. They’ve been hard at work writing music to drill beats and using YouTube’s countless how-to videos to learn how to mix and record their songs, shoot music videos, and design cover art.

These rappers have been in the rap game for over FIVE years, They made it their mission to ensure that their social media presence was enough to reach their fans at a time when a global pandemic kept them even further away.

In their local colloquialism, Saka is another way to say “kasa”, which means “to speak” in the Akan language. The term Asakaa, therefore, refers to how the group is able to speak and use street slang on each track. They’ve officially dubbed the Ghanaian drill sub-genre to be Asakaa. Drill lyrics are often regarded as conveying aggressive messages, as seen in plenty of the genre’s music videos. The Asakaa Boys say they are simply rapping about their realities. “We rap about what we see on the streets and what we go through in life” says Kwaku DMC, Asakaa Boys’ member and sound engineer.

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