Islington Assembly Hall partners with Tempo Time Credits

Islington Assembly Hall is excited to announce a new partnership with Tempo Time Credits.

We are proud to partner with Tempo Time Credits in supporting the fantastic and essential work of volunteers. They’re trusted by over 750 recognition partners, who accept Tempo Time Credits in exchange for vouchers for shopping and leisure purposes to enable volunteering at this scale to continue. As a result of this new partnership, volunteers will now be able to use their credits to book tickets for our upcoming shows.

As a Tempo Time Credit recognition partner, we believe volunteering is important and valued, and that volunteers should be recognised for their contribution to our communities.

We work with Tempo Time Credits to put this belief into practise!

“We are so excited to be working with Tempo Time Credits and providing their volunteers with the chance to experience live music in return for all their hard work. Volunteering is vital for so many community initiatives and if we can provide people with the encouragement to continue their hard work or just offer people an experience they wouldn’t usually have, then we will be very happy!”

Kat King, Assistant Venue Manager – Islington Assembly Hall

“By now I have earned over 250 Tempo Time Credits! This fills me with a great sense of achievement but also it makes me feel connected to the community, as I am able to socialise and to do the things I love with friends and family.”

Tempo Time Credits volunteer

If you’re a Tempo Time Credits volunteer and you’d like to come along to one of our shows, please email or call us on 020 7527 8900 to redeem your credits.

Recognising volunteers with Tempo time Credits!