Date 11/06/2020 Total price, inc booking fee £20.90 Time 19:00
Artist Statement:

I never thought that on the day that should have been our London show, I would instead be protesting on the lawn of my state capitol building, wearing a face mask, begging those in power to incrementally dismantle a racist system that has brutalized people of color since the beginning of my country's existence. Some things are bigger than art or music or culture. 2020 has made that abundantly clear. We are so sorry to have had to cancel our UK shows. We are sorry to have effectively (though not officially) canceled an album cycle for a record we were so proud of. But there are many things at stake and a pandemic is only one of them. I have work to do. Until then we send our love. Take care of each other. We'll see you soon enough.

The indie-pop duo Tennis pair swooning '50s pop melancholy with smooth-and-easy '70s soft rock in a beguiling, calming fashion that matches the sailing trips that provide them with inspiration.

They formed on a months-long excursion and do most of their songwriting while bobbing on the seas. Patrick Riley helms the guitars and keys, Alaina Moore handles vocals and keys, and they often produce their own records in burnished, mid-fi tones.

The band's 2010 debut album, Cape Dory, laid out their sonic template meticulously and they stuck to it for the decade that followed, with occasional tweaks like the more muscular sound of the Patrick Carney-produced Young & Old from 2012 or the more sophisticated song structures of 2020's Swimmer.

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