Date 02/04/2020 Total price, inc booking fee £15.00 Time 19:00

Since its inception, Tender has specialised in walking an artful line between the personal and the universal. Their new track 6 in the Morning, could be considered somewhat, a new dawn for the duo – while dark and sweaty from the outset, playfully hits upon a wide array of influences.

Four years on from their first demos, the duo have decided to take things back to basics. Tender want to allow their own voices to be heard before those of the gatekeepers, who from time to time would prioritise commercial sensibilities above creativity. Tender’s early successes came from spontaneity and fluid release plans. This barely-choreographed strategy allowed them to show the world their music within days and weeks of the songs being penned, rather than months and years.

With two LPs and over 150 million streams under their belt, James Cullen and Dan Cobb are committed to connecting with their audience further with a more real-time approach. They will be putting out a flurry of dynamic and hand-picked singles, fresh from their musical palette.

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