Date 28/08/2020 Total price, inc booking fee £33.00 Time 19:00
One of the most uncompromising rock bands of all time, Michael Gira's Swans are renowned for their constantly evolving sound, ranging from bleak, brutal noise-rock to spiritual, ethereal folk, as well as their intensely loud, transcendent live performances. Emerging from the downtown New York music scene during the early 1980s, the group became notorious for their violent, confrontational shows and dissonant, hypnotically repetitive records.

With the band's new work celebrating the sounds that they pioneered since their origins in the early '80s - with the brutal, punishing tones of their first records to the lush instrumentals that helped pave the way for the post-rock of today, this is a celebration of one of the most iconic noisemakers the music world has seen.

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