Date 10/10/2021 Total price, inc booking fee £22.00 Time 19:00 Age restrictions 16+

This event was previously scheduled for 30/05/2020 and then 20/02/21, but will now take place on 10/10/2021. Original tickets remain valid.

Skipinnish are riding an ever-growing wave of popularity and have been going from strength to strength since back in 1999 when co-founders Andrew Stevenson and Angus MacPhail joined forces. With increased numbers from these early days and with the addition of lead vocals and full back line, the last few years have seen this band hit the very top of the music scene in Scotland. With hit after hit of self-penned songs and a strong mix of powerful bagpipe, fiddle and accordion led tune sets, they encompass the very best of contemporary Celtic music.

Presented by The Gig Cartel.

This is a 16+ event – you may be asked to prove your age and if you are not able to show valid ID, you may be refused entry. Valid ID includes passports, driving licences, over 16+ zip oyster photocard and citizen cards. Photocopies will not be accepted.