Date 06/10/2019 Total price, inc booking fee £38.50 Time 18:00
Miyavi has the look and ambition of a manga/anime rock star, but he also has songs to back up his louder than life persona. He mixes acoustic pop, blues, and hip hop elements into his eccentric rock sound and live it's totally out of this world.

VIP Ticket : £70 advance • Early entrance (6:00pm)
• Individual photograph with Miyavi
• Meet-and-Greet
• A laminated VIP pass

Accessible and carer ticketing information: https://support.dice.fm/article/179-accessibilty-tickets-for-islington-assembly-hall

Presented by Born Again Concerts.

This is a 16+ event - you may be asked to prove your age and if you are not able to show valid ID, you may be refused entry. Valid ID includes passports, driving licences, over 16+ zip oyster photocard and citizen cards. Photocopies will not be accepted.