Joyce Wrice plus special guests

Date 04/06/2022 Total price, inc booking fee £19.35 Time 19:00

Joyce Wrice
R&B singer and songwriter Joyce Wrice – grew up in Southern California to a Japanese mother and African-American father. As an only child Joyce was quiet, curious and observant, finding entertainment in her surroundings. She discovered her love for music in the passenger seat riding in her father’s car. Breaking her silence, she started singing, imitating chart topping songs that played on the radio. Entering a new age of technology this continued into High School where she took to Youtube, showcasing her developing talents and her everlasting discography of 90’s r&b covers.
After college Joyce moved to Los Angeles in search of her voice, her own words and experiences. Soon after she released her first EP titled “Stay Around” in 2016 followed by mini EPs, “Rocket Science” with Kay Franklin and “Good Morning.” Known for her sweet lyrics and distinct tone, she delivers a sound that resonates with this generation. From falling in love and falling out, to owning one’s insecurities, the message, whatever it may entail, is packaged in a heartfelt harmonic bow. Joyce’s Debut album “Overgrown” was released in March 2021.


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