Date 22/08/2019 Total price, inc booking fee £30.25 Time 19:00 Age restrictions 16+

Due to unforeseen circumstances, this show is being re-scheduled to Spring 2020. There are no confirmed new dates yet and we will update you all as soon as possible. For refunds, please go to your point of purchase.

James Mason is playing his first shows in 15 years. He’s a pretty damn good keyboardist and guitarist who was a part of the Roy Ayers band in the late 1970’s. His solo album is such a jam. In 2015, he discovered a box of master tapes whilst moving house which were released as Recollection Eche. Don’t miss your chance to see this true pioneer of jazz-funk live.

Accessibility and carer ticketing information: https://support.dice.fm/article/179-accessibilty-tickets-for-islington-assembly-hall

Presented by AGMP.

This is a 16+ event. You may be asked to prove your age and if you are not able to show valid ID, you may be refused entry. Valid ID includes passports, driving licences, over 16+ zip oyster photocard and citizen cards. Photocopies will not be accepted.