Jaga Jazzist

Date 19/09/2022 Total price, inc booking fee £17.60 Time 19:00

This event was previously scheduled for 15/02/2022, but will now take place on 19/09/2022
If you are unable to attend the new show date, please contact your ticket agent to request a refund before Tuesday 15 February 2022.

It’s impossible to describe the myriad musical influences and inspirations that inform the sound of Jaga Jazzist without tumbling down a rabbit hole of genre confusion such is the sonic magnitude and diversity of the Norwegian supergroup’s compositions. The band has consistently confounded categorisation from its inception. However, the direction of travel has been obstinately consistent: moving forward… always moving forward.

Presented by Islington Assembly Hall & Bird On The Wire.

This is a 16+ event – you may be asked to prove your age and if you are not able to show valid ID, you may be refused entry. Valid ID includes passports, driving licences, over 16+ zip oyster photocard and citizen cards. Photocopies will not be accepted.