Covid-19 FAQs

We’ve been working to make sure our venue is a Covid-secure space for you to enjoy live music in once again. All of our Covid-secure shows will be fully seated, with tickets being sold in pods of one or two seats. You can follow this link to check out our new seating plan.

Our FAQs below will tell you everything else you need to know before visiting our venue. We can’t wait to welcome you back!

Following the Government guidelines, we have made changes in our venue. We have created physically distanced seating, reducing our audience capacity, implemented one-way systems throughout the venue and more to ensure our venue is Covid-secure. This means the way our gigs usually operate has changed, but we’re still going to provide the best live music experience possible for you!

All tickets for the Main Hall will be sold in two-seat pods, for you to share with members of your own household or support bubble. This includes two tickets, giving entry to two people, and you will be sat next to each other on the ground floor of the venue. You will have a choice of entry time when booking, you will then be allocated the best available seats in this section of the hall.

All pods are separated by a minimum of 1.5m. Our bar team will deliver your drinks straight to your pod’s table!

Our pods in the balcony will be sold in one or two-seat pods, all distanced by a minimum of 1.5m. Two-seat pods include two tickets, giving entry to two people from the same household or support bubble, and you will be sat next to each other in the balcony of the venue. One-seat pods include one ticket, giving entry to one person.

Rows in front or behind customers will be out of action, and only accessible by staff. We’ve fitted tables in the balcony so that you can enjoy your drinks at your seats.

Is the venue safe to visit?

Behind the scenes, we have been working to make sure our venue is a Covid-secure space for live music. We have applied Government guidance and also taken into account the valuable responses we received from our customer surveys to ensure we made all of the necessary changes in our venue.

This includes creating physical distanced seating, reducing our audience capacity, implementing one-way systems throughout the venue and more! There will be extra ventilation in operation during the show which may reduce the temperature in the venue, so we advise you to bring a jacket with you.

How will tickets be sold for upcoming events?

Tickets for all of our upcoming, physically distanced events will be available via our ticketing partner DICE.

All tickets will be sold in pods of one or two seats. You will need to select your preferred entry time and section of the venue (Main Hall or Balcony), you will then be assigned the best available pod for that entry time.

If you are booking a two-seat pod, you will need to confirm that you are attending with somebody from within your own household. If customers in two-seat pods are found to not be from the same household, they will be refused entry and no refund will be issued.

Will you still have accessible tickets available?

Yes! If you require an accessible ticket and/or a free ticket for your carer or Personal Assistant, please email BEFORE purchasing a ticket for the show. To guarantee free entry for your personal assistant, please send a scan of your letter from the Department of Work and Pensions or NHS to show your eligibility for the free personal assistant ticket. If accessible tickets are still available for the show, a member of our team will send the booking link over to you to complete your purchase. Please remember that your personal assistant must be a member of your household or support bubble.

What will happen when I arrive?

You should arrive at the venue at your allotted arrival time, which will be included in your ticket confirmation email. It's really important that all customers arrive at their allotted arrival time, to allow everyone to enter the venue smoothly and safely. If you miss your arrival window, you may be reassigned a new arrival time and pod, or asked to leave the queue vicinity and allow congestion to go down before you can re-join.

Please make sure you are wearing your face covering before you arrive at the venue.

Before you can join the queue, a member of our security will check your temperature. If it is over 37.8C, you will be asked to go back to your home and self-isolate.

If your temperature is below 37.8C, you will then be asked to check in using the NHS Test & Trace app. Please make sure you have downloaded the app before your arrival. Checking in to the venue on the app is mandatory for all customers. Once you have checked in, you will be able to join our physically distanced queue. Our security team will be on hand to help you with any questions, but we ask that you keep a minimum of 2m distance from them.

When you enter the venue, please follow the one-way system; don't worry, there'll be plenty of signage to point you in the right direction and our ushers will be on hand to help you find your pod.

Do I need to check my own temperature on the day of the show?

If you can, please do so before you travel, but don't worry if you can't as we will be checking the temperatures of all staff and customers before they enter the venue. If you have a temperature that is over 37.8C, please remain at home and follow the latest Government guidance to report your symptoms.

Should I download the NHS Test & Trace app?

Yes! As a local authority venue, it is mandatory that all customers check in using the NHS Test & Trace app before they can enter the venue. This is for Test & Trace purposes, and ensuring all customers check in helps us to keep operating as a live music venue.

Will I need to queue?

You may need to queue when you arrive at the venue, but we have extended our queuing area to ensure all customers can keep 2m physical distance from staff and one another. You can help us maintain this by standing on the floor markings in place and arriving at your allotted arrival time.

What if I miss my arrival time?

If you miss your arrival window, you may be reassigned a new arrival time and pod, or asked to leave the queue vicinity and allow congestion to go down before you can re-join.

Can I still buy tickets on the door at the Box Office?

To minimise contact between our Box Office staff and customers, where possible tickets will be available on DICE until 1 hour after doors on the day of the show which means you can book online through the DICE app or website. This is the safest way to buy last minute tickets for our shows, and will help us make sure your entry to the venue is smooth.

If you would like to buy tickets with cash, you can do this at our Box Office. The Box Office usually opens at 7pm on show days (but this may differ on certain shows, feel free to call us to double check) and you are only able to buy tickets for the show taking place that night. Please be aware that you will be asked to give our Box Office staff your contact details before you can purchase tickets.

Due to our capacity being reduced, we are expecting door ticket availability to be very low, so to avoid disappointment we would encourage you to buy tickets in advance on DICE.

Can I collect tickets at the Box Office?

Yes, no problem! Please follow the queue system and let our security team know you need to collect tickets at the Box Office. There is only one customer allowed at the Box Office at a time, so if you're attending with other people they will need to wait in our outside waiting area while you collect the tickets.

Can I bring a bag?

You can bring a bag if it is smaller than A4 size (210 x 297mm) so please travel light! There will be space to store your bag within your pod during the show. Please note, our cloakroom will be closed until further notice.

We cannot guarantee entry to anyone that brings a bag over the size of A4 (210 x 297mm).

Is there a cloakroom?

No, we're afraid our cloakroom is closed until further notice. There will be space to store your coat and small bags within your pod, but please travel light.

Do I have to wear a face covering?

Yes, you must wear a face covering at all times while in the venue, except for if you are drinking at your seat or if you are exempt.

If you are exempt from wearing a face covering, please let us know in advance by emailing and download an exemption badge to your phone, or print a copy off.

Download an exemption badge for your phone:

Print an exemption badge:

This will mean our Security team will be expecting your arrival, and will make your entry in to the venue smoother. We ask customers to remember that not all reasons for exemptions are visible, so please be understanding of others.

If you need to lip read, please feel free to ask a member of staff to lower their mask while they are talking to you and they will happily oblige.

What are the physical distancing rules in the venue?

We are asking all customers and staff to keep a minimum of 2m distance from each other where possible when moving throughout the venue. When seated, customers will be at a distance of 1.5m at a minimum from other customers.

Will I sit with the people I booked with?

Our pods are sold with seats of one or two. If you are booking with more than one member of your household, your party will be split in to separate pods which will be distanced by 1.5m and we can't guarantee that these pods will be near each other. However, if you pick the same arrival time you will be in the same section of the venue.

How will I order drinks?

You can order and pay for drinks via our app.

Download our app from your app store:
Order via our app's webpage:

We will be operating table-service throughout the venue and our bar staff will be on hand to deliver drinks straight to your pod.

At present, our app is unable to take payment via Apple Pay or Google Pay. We're working with our app provider to get this resolved ASAP, but in the meantime please be aware that you will need to enter your card details in to the app each time you order. We don't want anyone missing out on a post-lockdown pint, so please bring your card details with you to the venue as you will need to input these manually rather than using an auto-fill option on your phone. Buying a drink at one of our shows really helps to support us as a venue so we appreciate your patience while we work through these teething problems.

Rest assured, once your order is placed we'll get your drinks delivered to you in record time - we currently have an average service time of 10 minutes!

How will physical distancing be maintained in the venue toilets?

We have reduced the number of toilets, urinals and sinks in operation so that customers can maintain physical distancing. There will be clear markings outside all toilets showing you where to queue to keep 2m distance from other customers.

In the men's basement toilets, there will be a one-way system in operation for the urinals and there will be clear signs to aid this.

Will hand sanitiser be available?

Yes, we will have multiple hand sanitiser stations throughout the venue and encourage customers to use these regularly. All customers will be required to use our hand sanitiser station in the foyer when they enter the venue.

How many people will be in the venue?

At the maximum, there will be 168 attendees in the venue (this has been reduced down from 930), plus our staff team.

How will staff be following Government guidance?

All staff will be wearing the recommended PPE, and have been fully trained on the new Covid procedures, guidance and legal obligations required of live music venues. Staff will be physically distanced from customers at all times and will be there to keep you safe.

How is ventilation managed at the venue?

Our ventilation system is maintained and inspected to standard including regular filter changes. In addition to this, we've completely eliminated any recirculating air from the system and it now runs at 100% fresh air supply. There have been upgrades to the system fans and other internal mechanisms to ensure it's running enough fresh air in, and also extracting the right amount of 'used' air (for want of a better word!) We have run a number of investigations into the airflow as we know how important this is in the return to live music.

How is the venue cleaned?

We have enhanced procedures for cleaning our venue before and after every show, including using disinfectant foggers where necessary. We also have anti-bacterial cleaning products available for staff to use during all events.

What will happen when the show finishes?

In order to maintain physical distancing, we will ask you to remain seated when the show ends until directed. We will be opening up multiple exits at the end of the show, you will be directed to your closest one when it is your time to leave. This should take no longer than 5 to 10 minutes. We thank you in advance for your patience, by doing this we are ensuring everybody can leave the venue safely.

What should I do if I have Covid-19 symptoms before or after visiting the venue?

If you, or someone you live with displays symptoms associated with, or tests positive for, Covid-19, then please do not attend and follow the Government guidance about what to do.

If you’re visiting us, we’ll have official NHS Test & Trace QR codes on display, which you'll be required to scan before you can enter the venue. If you have symptoms after visiting us, please report this in the NHS Test & Trace app. The NHS Test & Trace team will ask for locations and people that you’ve been in contact with and they’ll advise on next steps.

What happens if someone else in the audience has Covid-19, will I be contacted?

All customers will have checked in on the NHS Test & Trace app on arrival at the venue, and we’ll have the contact details of all staff so we’ll be able to share that information with NHS Test & Trace team in a safe and secure way if required. Please follow any directions they give should they get in touch asking you to get tested or self-isolate.

I can't find the answer to my question, can I contact the venue team?

Of course! Please email or give us a call on 020 7527 8900 and a member of our team will be happy to help.