Friends of Islington
Assembly Hall

By having DJ’s and live bands perform together with aroma jockeys, taste triggers, vibrating floor, light effects and video jockeys a unique and immersive experience will be created that will stimulate all senses. The ambition of Sencity is to transform a normal night-out of clubbing into an unforgettable experience. The attendees will not only hear the music, they will see, smell, taste and feel the music.

Gypsy Hill will be bringing their intoxicating mix of Balkan beats, ska and savage surf rock to the dancefloor. You’ll certainly be dancing! And the New Town Kings are bringing their summer vibes to the Islington Assembly Hall, if the London weather isn’t as great, at least these guys will surely make you smile. The after party will be hosted by Rumpsteppers, an energetic DJ duo that will help create the perfect ending to a fun evening.

Friends of Islington Assembly Hall are being offered a discount on tickets! Buy tickets from their website and instead of £15, you’ll only need to pay £9.50 with discount code POSSIBILIZING.