Date 18/09/2016 Total price, inc booking fee £19 + BF Time 19:00 Age restrictions 16+

World renowned Danish electronic music producer, Anders Trentemøller, has announced that he will be adding his fourth full-length installment to his collection and the project should be seen sometime in September of this year. the follow up to 2013’s Lost is something very different than the later work that comes with a darker soul attached to it. The album is described as  “embracing the Danish artist’s trademark melancholy and matured into something uniquely melodic and darkly romantic.”

“I’ve been a huge Savages fan since their debut record.” says Trentemøller. “I met their producer Johnny Hostile at a festival in Paris and ended up inviting him to support us on our tour. Jehnny actually tagged along for some of the dates. Afterwards, he dropped me a line and asked me to mix the next Savages record Adore Life. Jehnny, Johnny and I built a real friendship in the process so it felt right to ask her to sing on my album. She has this really intense and unique voice and it ended up being really challenging, and fun, to take that voice out of the Savages’ universe and into mine.”
The album’s first single was released on June 24th of this year. The single will be called ‘River in Me’. The new single will accompanied by “fantastic to all senses” video by Riton Emenius, which is a new collaboration between Swedish director Asa Riton and Swedish artist Andreas Enemius. While this artistic duo will take care of all three of the album’s videos, Andreas Emenius will also be responsible for the album’s artwork.

In support of the new album release, Trentemøller and band will be playing a select few shows in very intimate settings. This is one not to be missed!