Scott Matthews

Date 06/12/2016 Total price, inc booking fee £20.00 + BF Time 19:00 Age restrictions 16+

English singer-songwriter, Scott Matthews, will return to our stage with his new album, ‘Home Part II’. After such a fantastic reception to his previous album ‘Home Part I’ we can’t wait to hear his new material!

Scott says “After completing Part 1, I was very much aware of how I wanted Part 2 to sound, look and feel. The more I record my music, the more I’ve realised I describe what I’m looking for as colours. This method helps me to visualise what instrumentation I’d like to hear. Part 1 has a very sepia-like tone, with warm earthy browns and creams and has an almost grainy texture. Part 2 was always going to be the complete opposite, with a very Technicolor outlook.”

Support from Kathryn Williams.