Date 20/12/2017 Total price, inc booking fee £15.00 Time 19:00 Age restrictions 16+

Richard Dawson can never be accused by listeners for lack of artistic ambition. Whether boarding on at the last stop, Nothing Important, earlier in the journey with The Glass Trunks visceral song cycle or The Magic Bridge’s sombre revels. Peasant is the album that could make all of that look like formative work.

Grabbing newcomers by the scruff of the neck and refusing to let them go until they have signed a pledge of life-long allegiance, all while being consensual, obviously, it’s a killer album.

Dawson has already supported the release of Peasant with a full UK tour and after wowing audiences at St John On Bethnal Green this June, he’s back with a live band to play the Islington Assembly Hall.


Presented by Upset The Rhythm.

This is a 16+ event.

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