Inside the Obama White House with former staffer Ben Rhodes

Date 03/07/2018 Total price, inc booking fee £20+BF Time 18:30 Age restrictions 16+

He was the voice behind most of Barack Obama’s speeches, and was said to be so close to the former president that their minds had melded. White House staffer Ben Rhodes was a close member of Obama’s inner circle, having been selected for the then-Senator’s presidential campaign at the mere age of 29. Rapidly moving through the ranks, Rhodes impressed Obama with his gift for words, and he soon became the president’s foreign policy advisor and senior speech writer.

His new book, The World as It Is: Inside the Obama White House, is about two people making the most important decisions in the world. In it, Rhodes offers the world a previously unseen window into one of the most intriguing political figures in history, with behind-the-scenes information on all of the major foreign policy engagements of the Obama presidency, including the Iran nuclear deal.

Join Rhodes as he discusses his career in the White House and offers a vividly personal portrayal of Obama’s presidency.

Running time: 90 minutes, no interval. Tickets are £20 or £34 including a copy of The World as It Is: Inside the Obama White House (RRP £20).