Guardian in conversation with
Robert Peston

Date 27/11/2017 Total price, inc booking fee £20+BF Time 18:30 Age restrictions 16+

Journalist and author Robert Peston will talk about his latest book, WTF, with the Guardian’s associate opinion editor Hugh Muir.

During his career in political and financial journalism, including a decade as the BBC’s economics and business editor, Peston has covered some of the biggest stories of the past 15 years. WTF is the fourth in a series of books tracking how the optimism of the early Blair/Brown era led to the cynicism and disappointment of the current political climate.

Peston’s first book, Brown’s Britain, observed the discord within the Labour party’s own principles, while Who Runs Britain? lamented the inequality and the collapse of social mobility in the UK. How Do We Fix This Mess? was a look at how western governments subsidised banks to take risks that eventually led to the global financial crisis.

Now, Peston has turned his attention to the revolt against the status quo, manifested in recent political events – Brexit, the rise of Donald Trump, the success of Jeremy Corbyn and Emmanuel Macron in elections. The west is more divided than ever. So how can these fractures be mended? Join him for a discussion on how to create a fairer society.