Date 05/12/2017 Total price, inc booking fee £20+BF Time 19:00 Age restrictions 16+

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Fleur is a medium. This doesn’t involve conjuring up magic tricks, moving objects or furniture, nor (and especially not in Fleur’s case) does it involve a crystal ball, incense sticks or any other cliché you might find down Sunset Boulevard. It involves compassion and an alternative to traditional methods of therapy related to grief and dealing with loss.

A medium, in Fleur’s own words, is someone who, ‘talks to those in spirit, consciousness or a spirit soul that no longer has a physical body.’ While science still can’t replicate consciousness nor yet understand it, Fleur’s talents lie in a radio-like tuning of her senses to communicate with a deceased person, one that is connected to the person she is reading for. A picture might flicker into her mind, a smell, or sometimes a 3D, physical image of the spirit. Fleur explains that her role as a medium is to help show that there is ‘something else’ out there. ‘It’s not necessarily having all the answers,’ she explains, ‘but starting the conversation. I am an insider towards that little step further outside of our general awareness.’ Essentially, says Fleur, a Medium is ‘proving that life goes on…proving that there is something more.’